Public Swimming Pools Inspections and Permits

swimming poolThe Public Swimming Pool Program’s goal is the prevention of diseases that can be contracted in contaminated swimming water. The program conducts routine monthly inspections and water chemistry tests while public pool facilities are in operation. The inspections make sure that these facilities comply with the State Regulations for Public Pools and Spas (COMAR 10.17.01).

Public pools and spas must submit an application for a permit every year, request a pre-opening inspection, and then receive ongoing routine inspections and water chemistry testing. New pool and spa facilities or facilities undergoing remodeling must have their plans reviewed and approved by the  Maryland Department of Health – Division of Community Services before they may construct or remodel. 

The health department has the following fact sheets and informational handouts available upon request:

  • Pool Facility Definitions Basic
  • Pool Water Quality
  • Guidelines for Pool/Spa Closures
  • Bromine Chemistry
  • Responsibilities of Pool/Spa Operators
  • Swimming Related Illnesses

For more information about this public pool/spa inspections and permitting or to request a fact sheet, call 301-475-4321 or email

Submit a Complaint

Public complaints about Public Pool and Spa Facilities may be submitted by contacting the health department at or calling 301-475-4321.