Medical Assistance Transportation Program

St. Mary’s County Health Department offers a medical transportation service for county residents with Medical Assistance (Medicaid) that meet transportation eligibility requirements (described below). Transportation to and from medical appointments is provided to those eligible.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be eligible for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, you must:

  1. Have an eligible Medical Assistance card
  2. Be a resident of St. Mary’s County
  3. Verify that the appointment is medically necessary and covered by Medical Assistance
  4. Be sure the service is covered by Medical Assistance and is accepted by the doctor you are visiting
  5. Have no other means of transportation
  6. Be receiving the medical treatment at the closest, most appropriate provider.
  7. Have completed Physician Certification Statement on file.

Schedule Medical Transportation 
Health department drivers provide door-to-door or curb-to-curb services throughout the county depending on patients’ needs. Wheelchair accommodations are available. Call to arrange service at least two business days before your appointment. For appointments to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, we require at least three business days notice to make the travel arrangements. Note that transportation out of the county is only available for medical services that are unavailable within St. Mary’s County.

Pickup time is generally one hour prior to your medical appointment (unless outside the county). When the driver calls the day before the medical appointment, you will be given specific information by the transportation office.

When you call to schedule transportation, please have the following information available:

1. Medical Assistance Number and Social Security number
2. Name of your doctor, provider, or clinic
3. Address and telephone number of your doctor, provider, or clinic
4. Appointment time
5. Expected return time (How long will you be?)
6.  Information on whether you need additional assistance, have an attendant, or have other special needs

To schedule a transportation appointment or for more information, call 301-475-4296.

Other Transportation Assistance Options

  • Public Bus: We can help you access bus service if you live on a public bus route and your appointment place is on the same route.
  • Gas Vouchers: If you have someone to take you to your appointment, but need financial assistance with gas expenses we can help. Call 301-475-4296 for more information.
  • Ambulance Services: The health department has a contract with a local ambulance company for routine, non-emergency services. These services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, a doctor’s order is required.

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