Individuals with Disabilities

St. Mary’s County Health Department offers a variety of services for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Coordination of Community Services Program

The Coordination of Community Services Program is the local community gateway for services with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

The program educates the community about DDA eligibility and services, assists individuals with developmental disabilities in applying for services with the DDA, and helps locate local support services. Coordinators also provide case management for those individuals who are receiving DDA-funded services and for those on the active DDA waiting list.

How to Apply

Anyone with a severe, chronic developmental disability who needs residential, day, or support services can apply for DDA Services.

For the DDA to determine whether a person is eligible for services, the person requesting services or someone acting on their behalf must complete a Developmental Disabilities Administration Application for Eligibility.

For more information on the application process, including how to apply or to request a face-to-face interview, click here.

Mail the completed application to the DDA-Southern Maryland Regional Office at:
Southern Maryland Regional Office
ATTN: Eligibility and Access Unit
312 Marshall Avenue, 7th Floor
Laurel, Maryland 20707

DDA applications can be completed online and printed. Applications can also be downloaded to your computer if you want to save a copy. Handwritten applications are also accepted.

Services available through the DDA

Services available through the DDA depend on DDA’s eligibility determination and the availability of funding. If the DDA determines a person is developmental-disability eligible and funding is available, a person could receive day, residential, or support services. If the DDA determines that the person is supports-only eligible and funding is available, the person could receive support services only. For more information, visit the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Transitioning Youth

There is a special eligibility category for young people to receive adult-day services if they have been determined development-disability eligible and are aging out of school at the age of 21. The local school system is the lead agency to facilitate preparing students with disabilities for the transition from high school to adult services and works closely with the St. Mary’s County Health Department Coordination of Community Services Program.

For more information about the St. Mary’s County Health Department Coordination of Community Services Program, call 301-475-4330 or 855-295-9151 (toll free).

Infants and Toddlers Program

St. Mary’s County Health Department works with the St. Mary’s County Schools and Department of Social Services to assist families in evaluating and finding help for children who may have developmental delays. The program is a family-centered system of early intervention services for children from birth to age three with suspected or diagnosed developmental delays and disabilities. To learn more, click here.

Adult Evaluation and Review Services

St. Mary’s County Health Department also assists older adults and adults with functional disabilities who are at risk for being placed in an institution. For more information, click here.

Personal Care Program

The Medical Assistance Personal Care Program helps qualified individuals with chronic illness and disabilities to remain in their homes by providing assistance with activities of daily living. For more information about this program, click here.

Healthy Eating & Active Living

The St. Mary’s County Health Department promotes healthy eating and active living as essential health habits for all residents. To learn more about initiatives and resources to support residents in healthy eating, active living, and weight management, click here.

Quit Tobacco

Tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke collectively is the number one cause of preventable deaths in this country. The St. Mary’s County Health Department encourages all tobacco users to quit tobacco in order to better support their health and the health of others. The Department offers free tobacco cessation classes and other resources for persons who are ready to quit using tobacco. To learn more, click here.

Additional Resources