Community Health Complaints

The Environmental Health Division routinely receives calls and letters from county residents and visitors regarding a whole range of environmental public health concerns. The Division evaluates each concern to determine potential impact on community health, validity of the complaint, and jurisdictional ability of the Health Department to respond. After verifying the conditions cited in the concern, the department proceeds with appropriate action and/or referral to other public service agencies as necessary.

Investigation of an expressed concern could include an inspection, sanitary survey, laboratory samples, specialized testing equipment, etc. Confirmed complaints are addressed by either:

  • meeting with the property owner and explaining any corrections that need to be made
  • sending a written correction order with a time deadline for corrections to be made

Complaint investigations and enforcement can encompass a wide variety of health code violations covered under Maryland regulations, but the majority fall under the public health nuisance code.


The Health Department accepts complaints from anonymous sources, but an anonymous complainant will not receive follow-up information on the progress of an investigation. A complainant who is willing to provide his/her name, address, and phone number can request to be informed about the course of enforcement actions.

Submit a Health Complaint

If you would like to submit a health complaint, please complete and submit the below online form or call 301-475-4321.

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