Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health refers to mental health as well as substance abuse prevention and control.  In St. Mary’s County, the Department of Aging & Human Services serves as the local Behavioral Health Entity that works to improve behavioral health outcomes for residents. As the local Behavioral Health Entity, the Department of Aging & Human Services is responsible for monitoring community trends when it comes to substance abuse and mental illness, coordinating the availability of clinical treatment services and case management related to mental illness and substance abuse, and engaging community partners in addressing behavioral health issues.

Community Action to Improve Behavioral Health

As part of the local health improvement process, the Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership has a Behavioral Health Action Team to help address mental health and substance abuse prevention and control in this community. This community-wide coalition consists of many different organizational partners and community residents who would like to improve health outcomes for St. Mary’s County residents. Membership is free and open to any St. Mary’s County resident or organization that serves St. Mary’s County residents. To learn more, click here.

Resources Available to Support Behavioral Health

The St. Mary’s County Department of Aging & Human Services is the state-designated behavioral health entity in the county and as such can serve as a resource to residents, families, and health care providers seeking to learn about the local behavioral health system.  Resources may also be available through the Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership website.

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