Bay Restoration Fund – Step-by-Step Instructions

Please follow these instructions to apply for the Bay Restoration Fund.

Step 1: Submit a Grant Application for a Nitrogen-Reducing Pretreatment Unit

You must submit a completed Grant Application for Nitrogen-Reducing Pretreatment Unit.

Step 2: Application is Reviewed

The application is reviewed and, based upon available septic records, either a site visit will be conducted by the Area Sanitarian or a septic evaluation will be required.  Applicants will be notified by mail about which will be required for their property.

Step 3: Income Tax Verification

If Bay Restoration program funds are available, the Health Department must evaluate the owner’s 2014 federal income tax records to determine the percent eligibility for the program. A copy of the federal income tax return for each individual listed on the deed must be provided to the Health Department for review and qualification for the program. Commercial properties, homes owned by business entities, or properties listed as being an estate or trust will be limited to no more than 50 percent funding.

Step 4: Select a Best Available Technology Unit (ATU) From a List of Field Verified, Fixed Cost Units

ATU Selection:

Six models of ATUs have been approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment for installation with the use of BRF funds.  These vendors have been field tested and verified, and have a predetermined grant allowance.  All additional costs not covered by the grant award are the responsibility of the property owner.  It is recommended that property owners contact the vendors to determine which ATU might best suit their needs.  Electrical consumption varies between ATUs and should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.  The property owner may choose any of the six pre-approved technologies and must contact the vendor directly.  A signed contract between the property owner and the chosen vendor must be submitted to the Health Department.

Step 5: Sign and Return the Bay Restoration Fund Grant Agreement

A grant award package which includes the BRF Agreement and Easement document will be mailed upon review of the federal tax return and vendor contract.  The agreement is a legal document that must be recorded in County Land Records against the owner’s property deed.  A copy of the document must be returned to the Health Department within 30 days of the date on the award letter.

Step 6: Schedule Installation of the Best Available Technology Unit (ATU)

Award of Grant:

Once the Health Department has received the vendor contract and the owner’s 2014 Federal Tax Return, the owner will be notified of the approved grant amount and further instructions on installation of the ATU.  No change orders will be accepted, and the award amount will only be available for reimbursement for 90 days after the Agreement and Easement have been recorded.  Any ATUs that are installed prior to award of the grant will not be eligible for grant funding.

Local Permitting Requirements:

All work on the septic system must be permitted and inspected through the Office of Environmental Health.  The licensed septic contractor is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits and paying all required fees prior to the start of installation.  The Agreement and Easement document must be completed and recorded prior to the start of installation.  Permit and recordation fees are not eligible for BRF funding.  

Step 7: Vendor or Contractor Payment

The selected contractor or approved vendor must submit an invoice to the Health Department for payment. Payment will be made to the approved contractor or vendor based on the grant award.